Venue-Only Rates


Taal Ballroom, Garden, or Rooftop – Reception

Good for 100 persons                             P60,000.00

Good for 150 persons                              P90,000.00

Taal Ballroom includes tables with tablecloths and chairs with seat covers.    

Corkage for Outside Catering

Good for 100-150 persons                                 P30,000.00

View Deck – Ceremony

Full Set Up (for 100 persons)                             P40,000.00

Half Set Up (view deck and ramp only;             P20,000.00

applicable only if garden reception)   

Entrance Door (optional)                                     P5,000.00

Note: When it rains during the ceremony there is an automatic charge of P10,000.00 for all the items that will get wet. Other items such as red carpet and chandelier will not be used to avoid additional charges when damaged due to rain.

Other Charges:

Excess Hour Charge Ballroom, Garden or Rooftop  P6,000.00

Electricity Charge for Mobile or Live Band                   P3,000.00 / P6,000.00

Electricity Charge for Photo Booth or Photo Man       P1,500.00

Food Cart (per cart)                                                          P1,500.00

LCD Rental (per hour)                                                     P1,500.00

Videoke Rental                                                                 P1,500.00

Fireworks (must get permit from BOF-Tagaytay)       P1,000.00

Chocolate Fountain (good for 100 persons)               P8,000.00

Cocktails Set Up in the Hotel Lobby                             P3,000.00

Ice (per sack)                                                                    P400.00

Note: Any lost, broken, or damaged items inside the ballroom will be charged accordingly.

Corkage Fees:

Hard Liquor or Wine (per bottle)                                    P150.00

Softdrinks or Beer (per case)                                         P200.00

Lechon Baboy (per piece)                                              P1,500.00

Lechon Baka (per piece)                                                P2,500.00

Cocktails / Pica-pica (brought by Client)                      P1,500.00

Mobile Bar                                                                          P5,000.00

Menu Choices

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